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Welcome to my website. I take photographs using various digital and analogue technologies. In the darkroom I mainly print using lith techniques which produce unique images. Digitally I use various equipment such as Sony full frame cameras. For digital processing I use Capture One, Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro and On1, and print with an Epson 3880 and Canon Pro 1000 printer.

The majority of my work is in black and white. Street photography has been a serious interest and I also teach postgraduate students Visual Research Methods as part of the Master’s degree programmes in Sociology at the University of Sheffield in England. 

I am currently designing an undergraduate course on the sociology of photography from a theoretical and practical point of view.

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Academic life

I am a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sheffield in England. You can check out my University webpage here.

My main current areas of research are:

Labour markets, learning, skills, underemployment and training;

Social quality, health and psychological wellbeing;

Visual methods and photography as a research tool;

Advanced multivariate methods (such as Structural Equation Models, panel regression);

Machine Learning (Text Analytics, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines etc.)

My recent publications

Heyes J & Tomlinson M (2020) Underemployment and well-being in Europe. Human Relations.

Heyes J, Moore S, Newsome K & Tomlinson M (2018) Living with uncertain work. Industrial Relations Journal, 49(5-6), 430-437.

Foster L, Tomlinson M & Walker A (2018) Older people and Social Quality – what difference does income make?. Ageing & Society.

Ferragina E, Tomlinson M & Walker R (2017) Poverty and Participation in Twenty-First Century Multicultural Britain. Social Policy and Society, 16, 535-559.

Heyes J, Tomlinson M & Whitworth A (2017) Underemployment and Well-being in the UK Before and After the Great Recession. Work, Employment and Society, 31(1), 71-89.

Tomlinson M, Walker AC & Foster L (2016) Social Quality and Work: What Impact Does Low Pay Have on Social Quality?. Journal of Social Policy, 45(2), 345-371.

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